8 Enticing Mehndi Entrances!

8 Enticing Mehndi Entrances!

Happy Indian Bride

Let's face it: Everyone loves a big, fat Pakistani wedding!

From our musical nights to the more recently trending day valimas, no one throws it down where wedding festivities are concerned, like us Pakis.

Although we have multiple events lined up, the mehndi is usually the most happening. It's become competition of sorts -- Who had the best dances? Who had the best decor? Who had the most innovative mehndi entrance?

They say first impressions last so you sure want yours to be memorable on your big day.

Plan to be ahead of the pack? Here are 8 creative ideas for you to consider so you can enter your mehndi in style:

1) Buggies

Kiwi popsicle

Okay, so this may not be the most innovative but it does make for an engaging entrance! The boys of the baraat could arrive on buggies, making heads turn. Brownie points if