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8 Enticing Mehndi Entrances!

8 Enticing Mehndi Entrances!

Let's face it: Everyone loves a big, fat Pakistani wedding!

From our musical nights to the more recently trending day valimas, no one throws it down where wedding festivities are concerned, like us Pakis.

Although we have multiple events lined up, the mehndi is usually the most happening. It's become competition of sorts -- Who had the best dances? Who had the best decor? Who had the most innovative mehndi entrance?

They say first impressions last so you sure want yours to be memorable on your big day.

Plan to be ahead of the pack? Here are 8 creative ideas for you to consider so you can enter your mehndi in style:

1) Buggies

Okay, so this may not be the most innovative but it does make for an engaging entrance! The boys of the baraat could arrive on buggies, making heads turn. Brownie points if you give them whistles to rile up the crowd!

2) On horses

Granted, this may be a borrowed idea from across the border but hey, it's different in our country! Albeit, it's a little risky because a horse could be hard to control so it's more fitting for the polo playing grooms of Lahore than the cricket crazy Karachi men but hey, if you have what it takes, I say, go for it!

3) Dolis (uncovered or closed)

Yeah, yeah, it's a tad overdone but hey, it's a cliche for a reason; It's traditional and simplistic. To spruce up the tried and tested, you can always decorate your dolis with twinkly lights instead of just flowers to add a little spunk! The covered ones keep the mystery alive but the uncovered ones provide better ventilation so choose wisely!

4) Rickshaws

It's no secret that truck art is big in our country and we all yearned to/enjoyed sitting on rickshaws as children. These make for a chaotic but exciting entrance that is sure to spark smiles. Get a pop art inspired photo booth at the entrance to go with it where guests can pose and make memories that they can cherish for years to come.

5) Donkey carts

Okay, it sounds funnier than it is. In no way am I condoning animal cruelty like that! I'm talking just the cart, without the donkey, so instead, the groom can pull it! Suited for couples who have a sense of humor and also sets the tone for the future, ladies. (I'm kidding...maybe only partially!)


6)Horse carriages

An extension of the aforementioned idea, this one makes for a perfect fairytale entrance. Go all white in a matching horse and carriage to truly feel like royalty on your mehndi.

7) Fancy cars (vintage or swanky)

You could take the flashy road and opt for a slick set of wheels, like a nice sports car. Or if your style is more muted, go for a classic vintage car. If you want to have a pre-party up until your entrance, a limo isn't a bad option either! All the best men and bridesmaids can ride with the happy couple, to calm down any pre-wedding jitters or fix last minute make-up touches!

8) LED Bicycles

Basically by now, you've probably figured out any type of vehicle works! This one actually hasn't been done a lot so you could be a trendsetter! Add flower baskets in the front to give it a desi touch, add additional LED lights and get bikes in funky colours that pop for the baraat to enter on. It makes for great photos and leaves a lasting impression!


In the grand scheme of things, this may seem like a minute detail to plan and a stressful addition to a seemingly never-ending list of things you have to figure out.

Don't fret – the hardworking team at DAWAT can sort out the nitty-gritty and make your big day stress free. Get them on board to keep yourself from turning into bridezilla/groomzilla!

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