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Corporate Event Ideas

Something Corporate!

Ever hated having to suit up and attend an awkward corporate event that you absolutely cannot miss because your presence or absence will determine the future of your career? You may be the CEO of a multinational company yet might not necessarily enjoy the boredom that comes along with board meetings and seminars. If only there would be one thing to look forward to, they wouldn’t be as tedious to attend. What if the seating arrangement was comfortable, what if there were ice breakers to ease tensions, what if the hospitality was extra ordinary, and all under an affordable budget. Agreed, that some of these events have to be executed with a certain level of seriousness, which can be amplified with the use of a professional corporate event management company to create impact upon the environment, for instance the use of good audio visual presentations, the availability of hard copies of agendas for every person partaking in an event, without the headache of having to do those things while also preparing to deliver appropriately the necessary reason for having an event in the first place.

With the growing number of corporations in major cities of Pakistan, there has been a rapid increase in the execution of corporate events that are arranged by companies for the purposes of outreach, product launching, business client relations among others. More often than not, there is a tough ordeal when it comes to generating revenues and allotting a large amount of money towards the planning and execution of conferences and seminars, be it academic or a business related training program. This is the most commonly held type of corporate event in any industry hence having a well-planned gathering will not only cut down costs, but also allow for a very organized event and a large number of attendees. Our team, provides clients to stay in the loop while not having to worry about arrangements; as well take on the responsibility to ensure that your event is of the highest professional standards in the market.

Having said that, e, at Dawat, bring you some unconventional yet fitting ideas for corporate events done like never before. We hope some of these ideas may cater to contemporary tastes and seep into our corporate world, and we hope to deliver our services to bring to life events that can be lucrative to corporations in the long run.

  1. Outdoor Day Time Mixer

Hosting a day time mixer between employees and clients during the winter months is a very refreshing twist to enhance a wider scope of networking and culminate friendlier relations with clients on a more personal level. These day time events can constitute of opening ceremonies, product launch parties, meetings with larger numbers of people among others.

  1. Karaoke Night

Another interesting event which can be used for both corporate PR and employees to unwind with their coworkers is integrating karaoke to an otherwise boring meet and greet annual dinner for instance. This is a great icebreaker for fresh hires and helps employees to get rid of awkwardness that tends to prevail in the workplace in departments where there is minimal social interaction between workers.

  1. Cook Out/Barbeque

An old saying goes, breaking bread together means that two parties can get comfortable around each other, ease the tensions that come with business meetings hence allowing them to think more creatively and with more pathos for others. All they need is come good live barbeque, music and nice weather.

  1. Conference Retreat

How wonderful would it be if one could take a paid holiday, to some nice place and still be productive? Conference retreats to different areas allow for a change of environment, fostering a sense of good feeling and enhancing discussion between those involved while keeping the charm of a trip away from offices and boring meeting rooms. These can be held in farm houses, well known five star hotels and can consist of numerous other formal and informal events into one.

  1. ThemedAward Ceremonies

If you work hard, there is no better way to be appreciated than to be acknowledged for your efforts on a public forum such as an award ceremony. Having large and small scale award ceremonies to motivate and encourage people bears the fruit of higher productivity and the desire to do better. Themed award ceremonies can always give people and excuse to dress up, and who shies away from looking nice and different once in a while.

  1. Corporate Olympics

The most exciting of all, however, is hosting a sport event to foster healthy competition among the corporate sector and it does a great job at encouraging people to stay fit. Intercompany or intracompany challenges which are friendly in nature can help build excellent personal relations between employees from different companies, and subsequently raise the bar for output standards.

These are just a few of the many ideas we can help you plan at through our talented team of young event planners, and we would love to hear back from you through your comments and suggestions. Keep visiting out website and blog for more on latest and trendy event management information.

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