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10 Most Popular Stages

10 Best Stages

Wedding Stages are a concept very exclusive to the South Asian culture. No desi wedding is complete without an extravagant, larger than life podium that seats the bride and the groom, and allows for the guests to sit with them and share their limelight momentarily, while the cameras click and the video captures their plastered smiles in between the stills. With the large number of guests that are always dying to be perpetually placed on the stage with the couple, it is not entirely strange to see people slipping off, fighting over the sought after space next to the bride or groom, or even scoot between them at times to claim their stump territory. What makes it more appealing is obviously the grandeur of the stage, be that a colorful Mughal-Era inspired Mehndi stage, or an elegant lily-studded reception stage, dripping with beauty and class.

No matter what the wedding theme, Dawat has been no less than a trendsetter in creating unique stages to make your special night magical and unforgettable. With the summer wedding season just around the corner, we share with you some of our best work, and we hope you will choose Dawat to make your wedding events a dream come true, because your story is ours! For more stage options visit our facebook or instagram

DAWAT Event Management and Catering Karachi Pakistan

For more stage options visit our facebook or instagram

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