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Birthday party ideas!

Birthday party ideas!

There's no stopping Mom or Dad when it comes to planning their little one's big day. However, even Supermoms can be overworked and stressed out; That's where Dawat comes in. Give us your feedback, explain what you want then sit back, let us take the reigns and watch the perfect birthday bash unfold! Kids don't really care what kind of finger food you'll serve or the table cloth -- they just want to have fun! From Alice in Wonderland inspired gatherings to desi soirees, we've put together a list of unique and enjoyable themes that are likely to keep the guest of honour happy! 1) Movie Day birthday party A week before the shindig, ask the kids what movies are their favourites -- Pick any 2 and screen them at a birthday get together for your kiddo! Although a low-key idea, you can elevate it by setting up a red carpet for the guests; make them feel like stars attending a premiere. Place fun favours like a spiral notebook at the entrance; that way, guests can get each others autographs and this will surely become a memento your child will cherish in the future!

2) A Teeny Tiny birthday party You know how Alice felt when she fell down that rabbit hole? Enchanted and kind of like a giant in a cool way? That's how the guests should feel at this party! Cut the food you're serving into quarters rather than halves, use tiny banners and decorations and spread munchkin toys everywhere. To give it that extra oomph, organize a treasure hunt - one that involves finding these munchkin toys. The kids will stay fascinated and busy and you'll have a star party on your hands!

3) A Lego-themed birthday party Everyone loves Lego; Boys, girls, kids and adults and you know it's true! With lots of Lego to go around for everyone to play with and a never-ending Lego inspired dessert table, you're going to be the parent of a very happy child! Just make sure no one ends up stepping on one!

4) A Spa Day Kids are stressed out too you know; Even they could use some down time to just relax. The best part about this one is that mothers can get in on the action too. Bust out your comfiest pajamas and cucumber face masks; it's facial time and a mani/pedi wouldn't hurt either!

Make the party goers do their bit while having fun -- They can create their masks from fresh ingredients found in the kitchen, fridge and garden! Young girls

5) The Messy Wacky birthday party Yes, a mess is not just another Sunday, it could also serve as a birthday theme! Let children do what they do best...make a mess! Get lots of washable paint, silly string, snow spray, etc and let the kids run wild. After all, whatever theme you would have chosen, they were going to do that anyway, right? Keep wigs and fake moustaches around for the guests to don and make sure it's whimsical to the fullest! Serve brownies or cupcakes as a main course and pizza as dessert; just switch things around. If you're super committed to the cause, throw in an inflatable pool, filled with water and potting soil. It'll look like a mud puddle and kids are really going to "dig" it (see what I did there?). Disclaimer: Not for the faint-hearted, control freak mommy.

6) Basant birthday party This one's particularly apt if your child's birthday is sometime in February or March. Set up kite-making stations at the venue for kids to decorate and assemble their own kites and then fly them! Invite their parents too as supervision will be needed but it could prove to be a great bonding experience for all those participating. Instead of the usual balloons, you can decorate with flowers and cut up all the food in the shape of a rhombus. Most parents these days are complaining about how their children don't go play outdoors so this is something that requires your young ones to be active and get some fresh air; the parents are happy and the children are happy and that is a rarity my friends.

From the Pinata to the candles, we at Dawat event management and catering Karachi Pakistan, will handle everything and make sure that your kid's birthday/ baby shower is an affair to remember!

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