Ramzan is such a wonderful month. Amidst the excitement of Eid and Iftar deals, shopping trips, Chaand Raat festivities, it more importantly reminds us of all our blessings, of the value of everything God has bestowed us with, the happiness that comes with a single act of charity and of patience. However, it is always a little difficult to practice patience when all you can think of is a perfectly brown pakora inside your belly the minute you wake up after Sehri.

Whether we admit it or not, as much as it kills to see the perfectly decorated plate of Chaat, that refreshing glass of Sharbat, it’s one of our guilty pleasures of Ramzan to look at posts about food while we all hold our tummies counting down each second to Maghrib. But all those conventional dishes have nothing on Dawat’s Iftar Menu, and as we entice your taste buds with these tantalizing, out of the kitchen variations of the everyday Iftar Platter, we hope you will choose us to make this Ramzan a memorable one for your family and friends with our exclusive Iftar Packages!

Popcorn Bhindi

Mirchi Leemo Pakoray

Cheesy Bread Balls

Qeema Masoor Pulao

Anday Wala Burger

Gola Ganda Sharbat

Khao Suey

Mango Malpura