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6 Best Pakistani Wedding Themes

6 Best Pakistani Wedding Themes

Best themes for a big, fat, Pakistani wedding Future grooms and brides, if you're looking for stand out themes for your big day, you've come to the right place! With so many wedding themes available as options, it's hard to pick one but it is important to have a theme. Your event will garner a cohesive vibe and once you decide on a theme, the nitty gritty details of the decor and everything else will fall into place automatically. From pop culture themes to Arabian nights, we have some great ideas to take your wedding to the next level and give it the wow factor it needs.

DAWAT located in Karachi Pakistan can host all your events.

1) Midsummer Night's Dream For the non-cliche at heart cliche bride, this is the perfect way to pack in some fairytale punch into your wedding. Loosely based off of the famous Shakespeare play, set amidst dense foliage, one can opt for a muted palette for the decor, in soft, feminine hues and throw in lots of subtle, sparkly elements. The thing that will tie the storybook-like vibe together will be twinkly lights – lots and lots of twinkly lights! You can choose to keep the food organic and stick to mostly finger food; It’ll maintain the elegant theme.

2) Walk Through The Forest Similar to A Midsummer Night’s Dream but darker – Envision more moss and darker greens. Although an outdoor venue would be ideal, it’s understandable that you’d want to stay indoors to beat the heat. No worries! Dawat can totally transform an indoor hall or ballroom into a dreamy woodland. Throw in a faux pond and some real white doves or peacocks, coupled with a thick canopy and dim lighting and you’ve got an enchanted forest staring you in the face! Be careful not to go overboard with it, keep it classy. It is your wedding after all, not an 8-year-old’s birthday bash.

3) Arabian Nights It’s no secret we love our Arab neighbours so it’s time to roll out the magic carpet and take your guests to a whole new world! Mix different textures and materials for a luxurious decor and set up hookahs in every corner to make guests feel like royalty. Plus who doesn’t love some Middle Eastern food? Falafels and hummus for the win! For another whimsical touch, the bride and groom could enter in an Audi, like Saudis in Audis!

4) Flower Power Here at Dawat, we very much endorse go big or go home. Although this one is not the most unique but it’s simple enough to put a new spin on it! A wedding is not complete without flowers right? How awesome would it look if you were to amp up the floral content? Pretty awesome! The choice of colour is imperative because if it’s too bright, it could border on tacky. Our advice? Stick to pastels. Lots of lilies and daisies everywhere would do the trick too. From the cake to the invitations to the center pieces, you can give everything a floral touch – If this doesn’t make you feel like a princess, we don’t know what will!

5) All White Affair Billy Idol made these big in the 80’s but decades down the line, we’re still digging the idea of an all white wedding! There is just something so classic about ALL white. Hydrangeas everywhere, ethereal lighting, crisp linens – The minimalist approach can do wonders too, if done properly. We know that traditionally we have steered clear of all white nuptials but it’s time to shake things up perhaps. It’s chic and sophisticated and is bound to leave a mark.

6) Pop Art Attack For the fun couple who is young at heart, nothing screams that more than a retro inspired wedding. We love our dose of vintage pop art. Just look at what a success artisan dhabas like Chai Wala and upscale cafes like Sattar Baksh have proved to be! The decor can be loud and colorful, inspired by truck art. We can even set up a rickshaw Photo Booth at the entrance! Food, such as gola ganda and gol gappay can be served on street carts. Engaging backdrops with comic act can be set up around the venue to give it that truly unique feel! Know that it is your big day and there are no hard and fast rules. Your wedding should be a representative of who you are as a person through every little detail and our team at Dawat can make sure you have a stress-free wedding, exactly how you want it to be!

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