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Best salons in Karachi

Best salons in Karachi

Escape the madness of the city and spend the day in a cocoon of pampering with our definitive guide After a long, stressful week, I love nothing more than to unwind at my favorite salon/spa or treat myself to some well-deserved grooming. Come on ladies, no one likes chipped nail varnish. Here's a list of spas/salons in Karachi you should hit up, if you want a job well done:

1) Neelo's Salon & Spa Located in Clifton (Block 4), this one's a personal favourite of mine! Their blowouts and mani+pedis are to die for. And if you want to get acrylic nails, look no further: Liza there is just brilliant. The staff is always courteous and efficient, though I feel compelled to state that appointment or not, you will end up waiting a bit for your turn. The place is almost always packed and for good reason! Also, the two storey upscale salon also stocks most of the hot OPI and Essie nail colours so that's a big plus right there!

2) Hina Khan's Studio Right behind Sattar Baksh is the quaint little Hina Khan's studio. I make it a point to get their velvet hair treatment done atleast once a month; it leaves my mane shiny and soft. It's also slightly easier on the pocket than most others because they have great monthly packages which sound too good to be true but are the real deal! Their colourist, Clara really knows hair well and will make sure you get your desired shade. As someone who started dying her locks from the age of 16, I've had a lot of trial and run in this department and I'm telling you, this woman knows what she's doing!

3) Meher's Salon Speaking of hair, no discussion about it is complete without mentioning the maestro, Meher Najeeb and her equally talented team. Whether you want to chop off your hair and opt for a bob or simply want soft layers to give your limp hair some volume, she's the one to go to. Every time I'm just shopping at Zamzama, I'm just tempted to hop over and get my nail colour changed atleast; it's got such a nice vibe! Mahin Nawaz at the salon does amazing evening make-up so it's a one stop shop before a big night out. It's a rarity to find places that excel at both.

4) Raintree Spa I love massages; I went to Thailand solely with the idea of getting a different kind of massage every day in my head. Raintree is my pick for when I want to just kick back and have a relaxing spa day with my girlfriends. The place is beautiful, well-maintained and though the staff can be a little stand-offish at times, the owner is usually there and is a total sweetheart. Word of advice: stick to the massages. I've gotten my hair done up from there before and wasn't too happy with the results.

5) Bina Khan Salon If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your brows are the curtains...and I ain't trusting anybody else with these babies except for the girls over at Bina Khan! They do such a good job keeping my brows tame and my arc sharp as ever. Growing out your brows takes patience and if you go to the wrong person to groom them, it could set you back weeks of progress. Stick to one girl; I really like Farah there. She'll use thread, tweezers if need be and scissors to shape 'em and she really understands how to do it according to your particular face type.

6) Mint Beauty Solutions I discovered this gem when I got a gift card as a birthday present and I've been obsessed ever since. The pastel decor is feminine, the staff is really sweet and soft-spoken (and not overly chatty, which seems to be a problem with most) and their waxing services are top-notch. They, too, often have great budget deals going on and it's never too jam-packed that you feel like you're not getting their undivided attention. Big, big thumbs up to this new but stellar entrant into the salon space!

7) Nabila’s Salon You didn't think the list would be complete without a shoutout to the queen of the jungle, did you? A celeb favourite, you’ll feel like royalty at Nabila’s Salon. It’s fancy, squeaky clean and just about great for everything especially, saying this while risking coming off as captain obvious, hair and make-up. People don’t talk enough about how amazing their nail bar is and a big bonus for me is that it’s open till 9 pm. Most salons shut down by 7 and if you’re a woman with a job, you know how annoying it can be to rush straight from the office to the parlour. You don’t have to worry about that with this one!

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