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DAWAT's top food menu picks

Shaadi ka khana is no doubt one of the most tempting reasons to attend a dawat. The love of food is what us Pakistani’s are notorious for- we make incredible khaana and enjoy it even more. Fortunately, Dawat’s catering services bring to the table an array of delicacies, ranging from desi to continental, each dish equally mouth-watering than the other. But there are a few signature dishes that Dawat takes pride in and are recommended to all our clients to choose for their events.

  1. Koila Karhai

Cooked in a mix of aromatic spices and succulent meat, our Koila Karhai is an all time favorite.

2. Dynamite Prawns

Made from fresh catch of the day, these tangy Dynamite Prawns have a way of making a mark on our taste buds.

3. Popcorn Bhindi

Our chef’s recommendation, Popcorn Bhindi is our take on crispy fried masalay-daar okra.

4. Biryani

The love of biryani goes hand in hand with shaadis, and our Biryani is to die for.

5. Gola Kebab

This item off the char-grill is a must-try! Spiced mince meat cooked to perfection, dripping with taste.

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